Friskies or Fancy Feast: Which Wet Cat Food is better?

The cost of cat food rises with the number of cats you have, so plan if you have more than one. A low-quality meal that doesn’t provide your pet with the nutrients they require is the very last point you want to make. You need to do your homework and get the best affordable cat chow you can afford.

Even though there are hundreds of different cuisines and cat food brands available on the market, most cat owners will opt for one of two formulations: Purina Friskies and Fancy Feast.

It is vital to conduct extensive studies to make the best possible option while selecting meals. Allow us to make your research process a little easier by providing you with everything you need to know about the two most significant and most popular cat foods on the market: Purina Friskies and Fancy Feast.

Friskies or Fancy Feast for Cat


Purina Friskies vs Fancy Feast

Decide on whether you’ll feed your cat wet or dry food as one of the first things you should accomplish. By including a part of kibble into the pate or shreds, you may provide them with a tasty blend of both.

Your pick, on the other hand, will be determined by your cat’s tastes. Some people prefer it dry. Some people appreciate the extra moisture content and gravy that comes with pate or wet cuisine, while others do not.

When you’ve chosen a type, you may begin comparing products that meet your specifications. Additionally, by reducing your selections, you should be able to locate the ideal solution for you more easily. Now discuss Friskies vs Fancy Feast; which one is better? Below is the Answer:

Purina Friskies

For those on a tight budget, Friskies is the brand of wet cat food to choose. It’s a little more cost than Fancy Feast, but it’s better for you. In several Friskies varieties, “meat byproducts” is the first ingredient, which is not ideal. This isn’t the best option for health-conscious consumers who prefer organic and natural ingredients.

In terms of cost, Friskies is an excellent middle-ground option that provides most of the benefits associated with high water content wet cat food. Cats with unique palates should exercise caution when selecting food. For cats that prefer chunks rather than pate, search for brands labelled”savoury shreds” in the cans of Friskies unless otherwise stated.

Fancy Feast

It’s a nutritious and reasonably priced option. Some varieties include meat as the principal ingredient you’re looking for, but they are not guaranteed to be all-natural items. They’re an excellent option for pet owners who are concerned about their pets’ health.

Fancy Feast is a favourite of cat owners who feed their pets a variety of foods. They offer some of the most excellent textures and flavours available, and most cats will love at least one. In terms of price, they’re not the cheapest, but they’re also not the most costly.

Buying in quantity is a fantastic way to save money, and since they come in various varieties that all involve chopped or shredded beef, it’s a safe bet.

So, which wet cat food is the best? It all depends on various things, like your cat’s tastes and preferences, your money, your veterinarian’s advice, your cat’s activity level, and your cat’s overall health, to mention a few examples.

Fancy Feast Cat Food vs Purina Friskies Cat Food

Wet Cat FoodFancy FeastPurina Friskies
Crude Protein55%48%
Crude Fat15%14.8%
Crude Fiber8.2%6%

Composition of Crude Protein

Crude Protein Comparison for Cat Food: Your cat needs a lot of protein in its diet. Cats can acquire a wide range of significant health issues if they don’t get enough protein. Purina Friskies, on average, contains less protein than Fancy Feast.

However, this discrepancy is negligible and does not distinguish one brand from the other. In addition, the protein content of Fancy Feast wet cat food is higher than that of Purina Friskies.

Crude Fat Comparison for Cat Food: Dietary fat benefits our feline friends’ health in various ways. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages fats provide:

  • Help fat-soluble vitamins be digested and absorbed more effectively.
  • Boost the skin’s and coat’s health
  • Candida infection growth is slowed.
  • Certain malignancies can be slowed in their growth and spread through the body.
  • Make careful to keep a regular blood pressure reading.

Crude Fiber Comparison for cat food

Cats need fibre to maintain good gastrointestinal health. Fibre is an essential carbohydrate for your cat’s health. The cat’s body not only benefits from this, but it also digests the food thoroughly, allowing all of the required nutrients to be absorbed appropriately. To achieve this, the fibre must be included in your cat’s diet in an appropriate amount.

Price Comparison: Which Brand Is More Expensive?

Dry Cat Food

  • Per Pound- Fancy Feast – $2.25 & Purina Friskies – $1.21
  • Per Calorie-Fancy Feast – $0.0012 & Purina Friskies – $0.007

Wet Cat Food

  • Per Pound- Fancy Feast – $5.06 & Purina Friskies –  $2.11
  • Per Calorie-Fancy Feast – $0.0123 & Purina Friskies – $0.0050

In terms of cost per pound, the amount of moisture in each brand’s food goods has a significant impact (wet vs dry food, dry vs freeze-dried food, etc.). Because of this, the average cost per kcal is not affected by the presence or absence of moisture. The average price per kcal is the best metric to use.

Enter your pet’s weight into our cost analyst widget if you’d like to know how much Fancy Feast or Purina Friskies will cost you per day or year. It is possible to determine if a significant price disparity exists between two brands by comparing the average price of each. However, the actual cost of Fancy Feast or Purina Friskies will be determined by the frequency and type of shopping you do.

Pet owners can save more than a quarter of the retail price on Fancy Feast and Purina Friskies products using our pricing comparison tool.

Precautions about Wet Cat Food

Cats can become dependent on a particular type of cat food if fed for an extended time. For both you and your cat, this can be an issue. If you want to keep your cat from becoming addicted to one brand of cat food or another, you can gradually introduce her to two or three different cat food brands and alternate the brands you feed her.

Please do not give your cat any Friskies or Fancy Feast cat food that is fish-based. They can lead to addiction and mercury buildup in the body, which can lead to health problems. Prior to making a purchase, always read the label and inspect the ingredients.

You should avoid feeding your cat Fancy Feast because it contains broth and thickeners, such as xanthan gum and guar gum, which can induce diarrhea and vomiting. As a result, the broth is counted as an additional component in cat food because it doesn’t provide much nutritional value to the feline.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Fancy Feast wet healthy for cats?

According to feline testers, Fancy Feast’s dry food and wet food are generally quite delectable options. Many of their products contain beneficial vitamins, minerals, and other elements, making them an excellent alternative to more expensive ones.

  • Is Fancy Feast being discontinued?

Purina has announced that it would no longer manufacture the famous Fancy Feast Appetizer type of cat food, effective immediately. Purina decided to discontinue the favourite diet of thousands of cats, many of whose owners relied on the wet food to make their cats’ prescriptions more palatable to their feline companions.

  • Is Fancy Feast a good brand?

This is a solid option for low-cost, high-quality cat food. This is a good alternative if you don’t mind feeding your cat byproducts or vaguely-named components, but are okay with some artificial additions.

  • How is terrible Friskies wet food?

2.5 out of 5-star rating for Friskies cat food. But to save money, they frequently use low-quality ingredients. Quality-wise, their food tends to fall somewhere between average and poor.

  • Why is Friskies bad?

There’s nothing we like about Friskies. It’s not about the quality of the ingredients or the nutritional integrity of the product. The brand is, therefore, one of the cheapest. If you decide to buy Friskies, steer clear of their dry formulas if possible.

  • Does Fancy Feast make cats sick?

Meat proteins, corn, millet or soy or even chemical colours and preservatives in many popular pet meals can cause allergic reactions in cats. Your cat’s digestion and skin issues may be a clue that something in her diet is causing her discomfort.

  • ·         Why is there a shortage of Fancy Feast cat food?

This is one of the brands that are still in short supply. Our palates are limited to a few flavours. Choquet added that establishments like hers could prepare for pandemic-related supply chain concerns by storing up on client favourites, as she had done in her case. Then there’s the issue of price.

  • Is Friskies cat food killing cats?

In terms of a Friskies cat food recall, there is none at this time. Internet claims have been circulating since at least 2018 that several Friskies cat food pate kinds are “infected” and causing cats to sick. According to some reports, cats and kittens have even been reported to have perished after consuming the food.

  • What cat food is better than Fancy Feast?

It costs an average of $1.74 per pound to feed a cat Iams dry cat food. Iams dry cat food is 12.07 per cent less expensive than Fancy Feast on average. We’ve calculated an average of 4.42 contentious elements and zero hazardous ingredients in Iams dry cat meals.

Final Thoughts

Cat food is essential for their healthy life, but many foods are available in the market. Therefore cat’s lover faces different situations to buy cat food. In this context, we are discussing Friskies and fancy feast wet cat food, but Fancy Feast is better when compared to Friskies.

Unlike Friskies, which is mainly formed of byproducts, this food has more muscular meat than byproducts. One of the differences between Fancy Feast and Friskies is that Friskies contains rice, whereas Fancy Feast does not.

This means that Fancy Feast has a lower carb count. As obligate carnivores, cats prefer low-carbohydrate diets. However, if you can’t afford to spend money on Fancy Feast, Friskies is a terrific alternative!

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