My Cat Keeps Kneading My Stomach: Am I Pregnant?

Cats are highly perceptive creatures-they frequently feel something when their owners are unwell or sad, and we all understand to pay note if our furry pets start behaving differently for what seems to be no cause. But all this raises the question, can cats know when you are pregnant?

If we get pregnant, our bodies change to make the ideal conditions for the baby to grow. These alterations shift things about us that our cats are likely to notice, like how we smell and how warm we are. This lets them know something important is happening, which can change how they act. Therefore, if you were thinking, “Do cats get clingy when you’re pregnant?” or “Why is my kitten baking biscuits on my belly?” you don’t need to look any further.

In this piece, I’ll explore the question, “My cat keeps kneading my stomach. Am I pregnant?” I’ll examine how cats can tell if you’re pregnant and how they might act in different situations. I’ll also talk about what makes cats do this kneading so you can understand exactly what’s happening in their brains.

My Cat Keeps Kneading My Stomach


Can Cats Sense Pregnancy in Humans?

The short answer is “yes,”; therefore, obviously, they can. According to the available evidence, cats frequently recognize a pregnancy before humans can. How about when you’re sick or upset? Does your cat act differently around you? Do you think they may become more possessive? That’s exactly what happens when we get pregnant.

Cats are sagacious animals, and their acute senses frequently give them warnings of developments that humans may miss. Even if your cat doesn’t know you’re pregnant, they probably sense something significant is occurring. What, then, are these alterations? And what is it about them that makes our cats so sensitive?

Temperature increases in the body: Pregnancy causes a rise in core body temperature. This is because an increase in blood flow speeds up our metabolism by around 20% (justification enough to indulge in that extra helping of dessert). You may be wondering how this would cause such a drastic change in your cat’s personality.

I have no idea about you, but my cat is an expert at locating the last remaining rays of sunshine to snooze in. They need more heat to be comfortable than I do, so a fire or a nice warm blanket can do the trick. The warm weather is perfect for our animal buddies. A cat may purr happily on your lap because its cold tummy is the ideal warm bed.

Hormonal Changes: When we become pregnant, our reproductive systems release a mixture of hormones that help us prepare for a baby’s development and birth. These involve high levels of estrogen, progesterone, and human growth hormone (hCG), which makes a pee or blood test for pregnancy show a positive response. Some say that these chemical alterations make women smell different, similar to when we hit puberty.

Cats have an excellent sense of odor, so they are constantly near our feet when we are cooking something delicious. They have 200 million smell sensors, compared to our 5 million. That’s amazing! Your cat might be able to tell you are pregnant before you take a test just by smelling this new smell you are giving off all over you go. 

Behavioral Changes: I’m sure you’ve also seen how cats can be very wise. Thus, they are very good at noticing changes in our actions and facial expressions. If it’s an entirely novel pattern or just a tiny shift in stance, a cat will see these modifications and figure out something massive has been happening.

Unless they’ve seen you pregnant before, your cat might have no idea you’re having a baby, but their behaviour can still change. Even something as easy as your cat being tired can change how it acts. For example, if your cat spends more time on the couch or in bed, it can cuddle up without worrying about being bothered.

Babies Heartbeat: In addition to being great at noticing things and having an outstanding sense of odor, our fuzzy friends can also hear very well. Have you ever seen additional folds on your cats’ ears? These increase frequency ranges so they can detect things requiring special hearing tools.

This sharp hearing is excellent for hunting, but it implies that a baby’s heartbeat may be heard during pregnancy. But we aren’t sure yet if cats can listen to this before a person with a stethoscope, and we don’t realize how well they would have been able to hear it if they weren’t lying on their owner’s lap.

Cat Keeps Kneading My Stomach, Am I Pregnant?

You might notice your cat kneading your stomach regularly for many reasons, including pregnancy! Because cats can detect pregnancy very well, their behavior often changes positively when they detect it. The process usually involves kneading or lying on the stomach. The goal is to stimulate the delivery of the baby.

The furry friend is also aware of other signs that you are pregnant. These are some of the most common symptoms:

Clinginess: Cats may become protective if their body undergoes any sudden changes. It is uncommon for my cat to sleep on my chest and follow me wherever I go while I am sick; the same happens when you are pregnant. In addition, your cat may find it impossible to leave you alone when you sleep.

Touching Your Belly: Cats occasionally rest their paws on your tummy if they realize you’re pregnant, whether sitting on your lap or just standing by your side. The sensation of a baby kicking seems just as fun for our cats as it is for us.

At Ease: The new odors associated with pregnancy can make a cat feel more at ease in their home, especially in the presence of their pregnant owner. This can make your kitty less skittish around strangers and generally more relaxed and contented.

Gift-Giving: Another typical indicator that your cat knows you’re expecting is a rise in the number of toys or the occasional dead animal put at your feet. It’s how they help and show care, even if it’s not always pretty.

Your furry pet may demonstrate their affection in many ways, as you can see. However, these shifts in behavior may sometimes have unforeseen repercussions.

Withdrawal: In the same way as people, cats can get jealous. A new baby is a sure way to keep you from spending time with your beloved cat. Your kitten likely needs some extra love if it suddenly withdraws.

Destruction: It is also possible for cats to be destructive to themselves and your house when they feel neglected. Your pet may urinate throughout the house, refuse to eat, and scratch up your new sofa.

The Cold Shoulder: Do you think you’re no longer seen in your residence? However, cats can turn their backs on you just like people, typically for the same reason. Your pet might ignore you if they are upset about something, like a change in their daily routine.

If your cat shows any of these additional negative signs all at once, it’s essential to remember that it’s probably because they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention. My cat occasionally sits close to me instead of on my lap. When this happens, I know that a bit of love and care can go far toward making her the cat I am familiar with again.

It’s also important to note that some cats won’t act differently if you’re pregnant, yet this doesn’t mean they weren’t aware you’re pregnant. Like us, each cat will react to pregnancy differently, while others may not care at all about your new life.

Why Else Do Cats Knead Their Owners’ Stomachs?

We spent a long-time discussing pregnancy, so you might think, “If I’m not pregnant, why is my cat making cookies?” I’ve thought about this, so I chose to find out more. There are many reasons why your cat might be rubbing your stomach. Continue reading for a complete list.

Nurse’s Memories: Do you still rely on comfort from your youth when times are rough? Perhaps it’s a song your mum or dad sang to you as a kid or the blanket you used to sleep with. Does it give you a sense of security? Even cats, like people, have moments when they might use a little help relaxing.

Kittens may not remember their moms singing to them or cuddling with a blanket, but they do reflect the comfort of kneading at their teats to produce milk. Cats naturally do this and feel safe when their owners mimic the motion on their tummy. If your feline buddy has been breastfed from birth, they will have no recollection of how to use the litter box.                                        

Affection and love: Like a human embrace, cats may sometimes massage the tummies of their owners as a display of affection. It’s a sign of love on their part, and it often comes hand in hand with purring and wanting to be touched. It would be considered rejection if you tried to push them away now.

That’s how I know my cat cares about me. She’ll get up on someone’s lap every night, pleading for attention by snagging her claws on their clothing. This is why it’s crucial to maintain a regular nail-trimming routine for your cat. This implies we can spend time in their company without worrying about getting bitten by a claw.

Behavior on the territory: Lastly, your cat may be rubbing your stomach to show that you belong to them. The adorable pads on a cat’s feet that look fun to play with have smell glands that let go when the cat kneads its paws. This smell and any marks of scratching still there tell other cats in the vicinity that you are part of your cat’s territory.

This is crucial for your cat, particularly if you have another cat close that they believe is dangerous. It tells them not to come! You are your cat’s primary food source, so they must know you are their parent.


Why is my cat suddenly kneading my stomach?

Developing this behavior as a kitten is an instinctual one. When you knead, the motion is recreated. Just like with their mama, a cat can feel secure and safe.

Can my cat tell that I’m pregnant?

In pregnancy, hCG, estrogen, and progesterone are produced at higher levels. Changing your scent can affect your natural odor. Cats are undoubtedly capable of noticing even the tiniest changes in their environment.

What do cats do when they sense your pregnant?

Behavioral specialists say that cats can detect pregnancy even before a blood test is taken. The purring and rubbing against their owners’ legs is common among cats who were once aloof and solitary.

Do cats knead more when pregnant?

Pregnant cats exhibit several signs before giving birth. There are several signs of this, including kneading. Knitting may help ease labor pains for a pregnant cat.

Why is my cat kneading and licking my stomach?

The most common way cats show their love to humans is by licking them and grooming them. Bonding with your cat can be accomplished through kneading, licking, and grooming. Additionally, your cat will show affection by Padding its head against yours.

Can pets sense pregnancy?

In nine months, you’ll have a new baby in the family, but your pets can sense your mood, posture, behavior, and body chemistry, that hint at the enormous changes you’re experiencing.

Can I sleep with my cat while pregnant?

Generally, pregnant people are unlikely to contract toxoplasmosis from their pet cats since cats cannot transmit the disease directly to them.

Why is my cat kneading me so much?

The act of kneading to show comfort is a sign of happiness in cats. Often, cats knead as they lick their owners or snuggle into a napping spot. In addition to kneading, your cat may settle on your lap for a pat or nap and show her love and contentment.

Why do cats sit on pregnant bellies?

Dr. Keepal, an animal expert, says cats are often drawn to pregnant women’s bellies when they sense hormones being released. Moreover, pregnant women’s homes are often very energetic, and cats are often drawn to them by these changes.

Final Thoughts

Do pregnant cats knead their bellies? You won’t believe it, but the answer is yes. In addition to having a baby within, pregnancy causes a rise in core body temperature, alterations in hormone levels, new patterns of behavior, and other changes. With their acute awareness and a keen eye for detail, cats can notice these shifts, which may alter their attitude.

As a result, some felines may become more loving than usual, exhibiting behaviors like tummy kneading and shadowing. Some people may become more hostile and withdrawn. But regardless of how they respond, you must give them the love and attention they want.

It’s essential to remember that it’s not necessarily a sign of pregnancy if your cat suddenly decides to reside in your tummy. Childhood memories of nursing often trigger the well-known kneading action and maybe a gesture of love and devotion. Pregnancy is a serious matter; therefore, don’t depend on your cat’s intuition without first taking a test

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