What to Feed a Baby Kitten If You Don’t Have Formula?

The thought of having kittens can be exciting. However, you have to be accountable for their care. There is no requirement for training to take care of your kittens. If you give enough attention to your kittens, taking care of your new pet will be simple.

Kittens are unique animals that need your complete attention and attention 24/7. But, knowing the best way to feed kittens in the event of an emergency could be difficult.

There is no need to worry because we’re here to help you. If you’ve just got a new kitten and would like to learn more about how to take care of her, read on.

Way to Feed a Baby Kitten


What can I substitute for kitten formula?

If you don’t have store-bought milk substitute as an option, consider making a recipe with all ingredients you have at hand until you are able to find a formula for milk replacement.

It is not advised to make a homemade kitten replacement formula for longer than 24 hours.

Follow these recipes to substitute kitten formula. These recipes are simple to make and require ingredients readily available at home.

The formulas below are taken drawn from The Cornell Book of Cats by Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine. Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine:

1. Kitten Replacement Formula


  • 1 quart goat’s milk whole
  • 1 cup light Karo syrup
  • 1 tablespoon plain yogurt that is nonfat (made with goat’s milk)
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Unflavored gelatin
  • Newborn to 1 week — 1 package gelatin
  • 2nd week — 1-1/2 to 2 packages gelatin
  • 3rd week — 2-1/2 to 3 packages gelatin
  • 4th week — 4 packages gelatin

In a saucepan, mix the goat’s milk as well as the amount of gelatin needed according to your kitten’s size. Take the liquid off the heat once the gelatin is fully dissolving.

Refrigerate the other ingredients once you have mixed them in. It can be kept for an entire week in the refrigerator.

2. Kitten Replacement Formula


  • 8 Ounces homogenized whole milk
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil for salad
  • 1 drop liquid vitamin for children (optional)

Mix well and store refrigerated.

3. Kitten Replacement Formula


  • 1 part of boiling water up to 5 parts evaporated dairy
  • Half teaspoon bone meal for 16 ounces of fluid

Mix well, and refrigerate.

4. Kitten Replacement Formula


  • 1 can of evaporated milk.
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2 tablespoons of corn syrup
  • 1 drop of liquid human vitamins for children (optional)

Mix the egg yolk, milk as well as syrup, in a sealed container and store them in your refrigerator. Blend half of your serving amount with a similar volume of warm water at mealtime.

Add one drop liquid human infant nutrients into the kitten’s milk portion daily.

What do you feed baby kittens in emergency?

If you’re forced to feed your kittens at night , or on the days that you don’t have time to shop for food or is classified as an emergency situation, having a quick cat milk recipe will be required. You can make homemade formulas for kittens designed to be utilized to make a last-minute kitten substitute for formula.

They are made from items that you already have in your kitchen. They’ll help you until you are able to purchase kitten formula. A simple formula can be utilized in a range of ways.

  • The first method is to mix the contents of one evaporated milk can, an egg yolk along with two tablespoons Karo syrup.
  • To make the second option, mix 8 ounces homogenized whole milk with two egg yolks as well as one tablespoon of olive oil for salad.
  • The third option is simpler. Simply mix the boiling liquid of one cup and five cups of evaporated dairy. In the next step you mix 16 ounces of liquid that you mix you should add one tablespoon of bone meal.

The three homemade recipes must be properly together. Keep them in a tightly sealed container and place their contents in the refrigerator.

Mix half of the mixture and add an equal amount of boiling water once you are ready to feed. If you feed the mixture ensure it’s close to room temperature. Prior to feeding the kittens, be sure to check the mixture using your fingers.

Commercially-produced milk replacers can be found at pet shops, food stores, and even on the internet. Your veterinarian might also have these products and offer them until you’re able to go to the store or place an order online.

To ensure that the formula you have prepared is fresh, place it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. These recommendations have been thoroughly researched to follow in case of need. However, should you be caring for newborn kittens or orphans and observe any serious health concerns, don’t be afraid to speak with your vet.

What can I use for emergency kitten milk?

If you’re not sure about what is the best food for your pet, think about feeding it goat’s dairy. The amount of lactose in goat milk is less than that in cow’s milk.

Since lactose intolerance can be found among kittens who are nursing, whole cow’s milk isn’t the best option. Diarrhea is the most likely result.

If that’s the only thing you have make a mixture of 8 ounces, two egg yolks, and a tablespoon of vegetable oil to create an emergency-ready formula suitable for your child.

It is possible to utilize human infant formula to alternative to cat formula if you already have it in your kitchen or you can find it at the supermarket with late hours. You can use this until you are able to go to your vet or pet store to buy the actual formula.

What kind of milk can newborn kittens drink?

To prevent diarrhea, we suggest that you only use the powdered replacement for kitten’s milk formulas starting from the beginning and as early as is feasible.

PetAg and Farnam Pet Products and Highly Digestible Milk Replacer used for Kittens Are the two most popular formula brands that are available. Both formulas are available powdered and canned in powdered.

We recommend the powdered version to your kitten. It’s available in vet clinics, pet stores as well as online.

When you open the pop-top and taking a sniff of the powdered mix, you can verify that it’s in good condition. It should have a slightly sweet scent similar to milk powder.

If it is characterized by an unpleasant odor like food oil or cheese or chemical, it’s dangerous for feeding kittens. Following the expiration date don’t use any kind of formula.

The kitten’s milk formula (canned or powdered) is required to be kept refrigerated and put in the refrigerator immediately after it’s opened. It isn’t possible to keep kitten’s milk substitute formula in the refrigerator for too long, as it starts to degrade. Think of it as fresh milk.

Since kittens’ stomachs are extremely delicate, it’s important to not feed them any other milk, including almond milk, soy milk or any other varieties of nut milks. Since cats are carnivores obligately that require animal products , or else they’ll get malnourished, nuts milk and soy milk don’t provide the right balanced amino acid balance.

There are a lot of individuals recommend dairy products for kittens made from goat, if you do a Google search. However, the majority of doctors would suggest against giving cow milk for kittens as there are better kitten formula options which are balanced, complete and suitable to a kitten’s digestive system.

Can you feed kitten cow milk in an emergency?

The simplest solution is to say that kittens should drink their mother’s milk or utilize a replacement for their kitten’s milk which is commonly referred to by the name of KMR (or the kitten formula.

Kittens do not have the enzymes required to digest lactose from cow milk. Therefore, giving the milk of cows to kittens may cause diarrhea and dehydration in the very pre-mature kittens. This is why it’s important not to give cow milk to kittens.

Can a baby kitten drink regular milk?

Cats shouldn’t be fed cow’s milk as it is deficient in the required nutrients. The milk of cows can cause diarrhea, which could be fatal condition in newborn kittens.

Use only kitten formula that is accepted by the manufacturer to your cat. Hoskins homemade recipe is a great choice. You can also make use of KMR Commercial Powdered product.

Can you give kittens water?

Cats don’t manage dehydration effectively. Water is essential to all kittens and cats to allow their bodies to function properly.

The water aids digestion. It gets rid of urine, and helps prevent crystals from forming in a cat’s urine. It also helps keep joints and tissues hydrated. Cats can obtain much of their water needs from canned food that is wet, however they must have access to plenty of clean, fresh drinking water.

The water, in contrast is as crucial to the cat’s existence as it is for humans. The amount of water they drink is 60 to 70 percent of the body weight of a cat.

Although it’s beneficial for cats, many of them are not keen on drinking water, especially if it’s standing or still water. The dislike for water could result in a cat becoming dehydrated so be sure to be aware of the amount of water your cat is drinking.

How do you feed a newborn kitten?

If you want to feed your kitten via bottle then you’ll need specific baby bottles. Baby bottles that are tiny and have tiny nipples designed for kittens can be bought from pet stores or online. These bottles usually hold tiny amounts of formula and can be handled easily and also hold a tiny kitten.

If you are unable to find an infant bottle that is small it is possible to consider using a syringe with out the needle, particularly in the event that your kitten doesn’t want the bottle easily. Oral syringes are typically purchased at a local pharmacy and utilized to treat this need.

Make sure to heat your homemade formula or store-bought until it’s warm. Then try a few drops of the milk onto your wrists first. It should feel mildly warm or cool, but not too hot or hot. It is not advised to make use of microwaves.

A majority of people pour the ingredients in either the bottle, or via syringe, and then put either the bottle inside an ice bath to get it heated. When the formula has passed the test of temperature on the skin it is now time to feed your kitten. Keep the kitten in its natural eating position on its belly . Offer warm, warm formula every three or four hours until your kitten is ready to transition towards the solid food.

Kittens should consume about 8 mL of formula for every 1 ounce of body weight every day. This means that if your kitten weighs 4 ounces they will consume around 32 mL of formula daily and you should provide 8 mL of formula each 4 hours.

If constipation does occur When constipation occurs, add one drop of vegetable oil in every kitten’s food, but not more than daily until the issue is solved.

Can you use human baby formula for kittens?

Human baby formula isn’t the best diet for an abandoned cat when you care for her. In order to ensure her long-term health it is recommended to use the substitute for kitten milk. If it’s an emergency, human infant formula might suffice until you reach the pet retailer.

The milk of a kitten’s mother is the best food source for her, however when she’s been abandoned it might not be an alternative. If you’re required to be the surrogate mother for tiny kittens, you can use commercially available substitute for feline milk.

Only a well-designed milk replacement system can ensure that your baby is getting the proper nutrients, minerals, fats and proteins. Human baby formula is created for the specific nutritional requirements of newborn humans, and the ratio of nutrients is different from that of kittens.

In the event of an emergency situation, you might be allowed to feed an abandoned kitten with concentrated or powdered human infant formula until you can get an equivalent feline milk substitute. You must, however, follow the directions on the bottle.

Formulate the formula at twice the strength that is recommended for infants. It is also possible to make an easy formula with 1 can evaporated milk an egg yolk as well as two tablespoons of Karo syrup.

Human baby formula could be dangerous for kittens with medical issues. They are able to cause diarrhea, which could lead to dehydration.

The effects of dehydration can be fatal in kittens that are already fragile. If you have to give your kitten human food regardless of the reason, be sure that it’s iron-free to prevent an iron overload. A formula made from goat’s milk could be easier to take in than one that is based in cow’s milk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should i give my baby kitten cow’s milk?

Don’t give your kitten cow’s milk. It can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Do kittens need colostrum?

Colostrum is a protein-rich food and helps transport vital elements of the immune system. The milk of a mother cat contains colonstrum. If it is possible, kittens born should receive their mother’s milk, as it helps to establish the foundation for proper immunity and prevention of disease.

Should a kitten sleep with me?

Don’t let your cat lay on your bed, or even with your children. This is detrimental to your kitten and your health as kittens can carry illnesses that can be transmitted to humans. It is essential to ensure your kitten is kept at a secure location when you’re sleeping in order to protect yourself from injuries.

Final Words

If you’re faced with hungry kittens it is essential to know what and how to feed it. We hope that this post will provide you with the details to help you in the event of an emergency.

We still suggest that you visit an experienced veterinarian as they can give you exact information and recommendations.

Do not hesitate to send us any questions you have about your cat in the section of comments below!

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