Why Do Some Cats Have A Big Heads?

There are different breeds of cat that has bigger heads than others. You can consider it as a genetic reason for a cat to have a big head. But research has proven that an unneutered and young neutered cat can also be a reason for the case. Neutered cats often seem to have smaller heads.

Every breed of cat has its own set of personalities and growth patterns. Some of them are big in the head but small in the body while some are big is both sides. Besides, smaller cat breeds are also available but in this article, we are going to talk about the big head cat at most.

Cats Have A Big Heads

If you are eager to know more about them then you are in the right place. We have discussed some cat breeds that tend to have a bigger head. Some comparison is also done between male and female cat size. You just need to hover underneath to know more about them.   


Reason of cats big heads

There can be many reasons why a cat has a bigger head. Most often we talk about a few regular points. With your assistance, I am pointing them out so things get easier for you to learn. Check out the points that are presented below.

Unneutered Cat

Unneutered cats hold different hormones compared to adult neutered cats. Usually, they get bigger in size compared to others. The tomcat’s face gets chubby and testosterone on testicles helps them grow further. Adult neutered testicles are removed so they lack the same testosterone and hormone as unneutered one.

Genetic Reason

Every breed of cat has a different set of genetic connections. You can say that they are programmed to be bigger in size. Based on breed, you can guess what the adult head size of the cat will be. Most often cats are genetically bigger rather than any other cause.

Healthy Diet

The amount of food they are receiving also plays a good role in their head size. A cat is good with one food dish a day. But that single meal needs to be healthy enough for the whole day. Cats that have a healthy diet often tend to get a bigger chubby face.  

10 Cat breed that has big heads

The biggest head-size cat breed will be discussed in this section. We will try to point out their character and the reason for their bigger structure. No more wasting your valuable time. You can just get down and know more.


Ragdoll breed cat has different size margins for male and female cats. Female cats can be around 15 pounds while males can grow up to 20 pounds in weight. They are not that large and their head is bigger than their body.

They are very keen on human love. They fall flat to your lap when you start cuddling. They love to be around humans and stay calm most of the time. They some sort of like to stay indoors all day long.


Chausie cat breed comes from the land of Egypt. They belong to the jungle of the middle eastern country. They can grow up to 20 pounds in size and are also known as the elephant cat by locals. You can guess the size of the cat from its name.

The lovely cat loves to play all day long. But unfortunately, you are not going to find them pretty often. They are a rare breed and look fun to be around. You can have one of them at your home at any time you want.


Ragamuffin is a smaller cat compared to another big head breed on the list. Besides, they also take almost 5 years to grow into their full size. At max, they can be around 15 pounds for females and 20 pounds for male cats.

The adorable act has a sweet nature and has a soft coat on the body. If you are looking for a family cat then you can have a look at this one. They have all you need on a family cat for every occasion of life.

British Shorthair

British Shorthair is a big cat breed but they have very small hair length compared to other cats. They are some sort of dignified version of cats. They belong to the British region and look pretty good from every single angle.

The pedigree acts will weigh around 18 pounds only. Their big head looks sharp with their body structure. You can play with this beautiful cat all day long and it will love that.

Savannah Cat

Savannah is a mixed breed cat. It is believed to be the biggest of all cats. You are not going to see a bigger cat than this one. There are also some different types of savannah cats. But most of the weight is around 30 pounds.

They are taller and quick at feet too. If you love cats of bigger sizes then this one can be your call. It has all the things that you might love in a cat. But people who have newborn babies at home should avoid the breed.

Maine Coon

You can guess the location of the cat from its name. The cat belongs to the state of Maine. They are well-known to be a pet animal breed and very friendly with people. It has a bigger head in size as it can grow above 25 pounds.

Besides big heads, its paws are also large and quick for action. You might fall in love with the cat as soon as you see it. The loving cat will run all around your home and make you feel special all the time.  

Turkish Van

The Turkish Van breed is a little smaller in size compared to the Maine Coon breed. Their weight stays around the 18 pounds mark. Most cats fear water but you will be glad to know that it loves to play with water.

It is a unique characteristic that you often don’t see on a cat. They are a little aggressive within their territory. Swimming and cuddling are loved by this breed of cat.

American Bobtail

There are lots of breeds of bobtail. Among them, the American bobtail has the largest head size. They have amazing round eyes and the tail size might also charm you. You can guess from the name that it comes from the American region.

They have a smaller tail compared to regular cats. The weight can be around 15 pounds and it is very affectionate to their owners. The American bobtail dies for attention so make sure you give it some. 

Siberian Cat

The cat breed belongs to the country Siberia. The furry cat can be around 12- 17 pounds in weight. It is one of the light-weight big head cats that I have ever seen. They love being around their owner and has a chubby face.

They have a dense coating and stay fluffy. They are not so fond of water. So, you might have some trouble when you call them for a bath. Rather than that, they are all good to be a pet.

Norwegian Forest Cat

You can compare Norwegian Cat with the Maine Breed. They are almost similar to them. The weight ratios for the male and female cats are 20 and 15 pounds respectively. The fur of the cat keeps water out and protects them from cold winter.

They are not so petty and love to stay independent. But once they get along, you might see a different picture of their personality. They are friendly and can be marked as pet cats. 

Male Cat Vs Female Cat Head Size

Female cats do not have large sizes like male cats. Male cats are larger in bone structure so you are going to see more expansion of their body. You can recognize the gender of a cat based on their facial feature too.

If a cat has large cheeks that means it is a male cat. They also had a wider forehead. The skull structure of the male cat is wider so with time it tends to get larger. Besides, male acts also have more cheek pads and so their head seems to be larger in size.

A male cat has a larger pattern from every single angle. They are built with vast bone structures and often progress to be big. But cats that are neutered during the adult periods seem to lack the hormone and stay smaller.

From nose to whiskers, everything seems to be larger in size for a male cat. So, you are often going to see a bigger male cat head size and a smaller female head size compared to that. There are also some exceptions too but they are very rare.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which breed of cat has a small body but a big head?

Answer: There is one breed that comes to mind when you talk about a small body and big head, the British Shorthair. Also, the exotic breed of shorthair cat follows the same size pattern. They have a slightly larger head compared to their body. It is believed that their Persian cat ancestry has turned them into that fashion.  

  • Do neutered cats go bigger?

Answer: Yes, neutered cats go bigger in size compared to unneutered cats. But that needs to be done on the young stage otherwise you are not going to see many changes in size. Cats that are neutered at the adult stage often seem to stay on regular size. So, the neutered cats might get larger or might follow the regular size pattern.  

  • Do male cats have bigger heads than females?

Answer: Neutered male cat hormone is different from the female one. Females often tend to lack the bone structure to grow larger heads. Besides, neutered cats can also grow larger based on their time of the process. Female cats do have smaller heads compared to male cats.   

Final Word

You already know a few reasons why some cats have bigger heads. Both neutered and unneutered cats can have bigger heads. The genetic term also plays a major role in their overall size. Cats are lovely pet animals and I hope you have learned something new about them today.

We love cats and do research to know more about them. Cats will always be part of our life. We often come with new content every single week. So, keep coming back to know more on this topic of cat breed and further.

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