Why is My Cat’s Poop Green? Causes & Treatment Advice

The domestic cat is a tiny carnivorous mammal, a felid family member. Compared to other feline members, Felidae of its genus has been domesticated the most often known as the house cat.

When it comes to the state of your cat’s health, you can tell by the colour of its faeces. It is a better indicator of whether or not they are having a blockage or underlying contamination or whether their cat food is not doing the trick.

Is it the same as a newbie cat’s poop? It is possible that your cat’s green poop is the consequence of devouring too many vegetables or that your cat is suffering from slight intestinal diarrhoea, which may cause green poop.

Why is My Cat's Poop Green

This post will explain why my cat’s poop is green and help you know the significance of keeping your cat healthy.


What does Green Cat Poop Mean?

Cat companies should take green cat faeces very seriously. Coloured faeces is typically a sign of digestive issues, which can cause them to travel too fast through the intestines. Additionally, this might be a sign of infection in the digestive system, indicating problems with the liver or the gallbladder. A significant alteration in a cat’s gut health may be indicated by green cat excrement. You should call your veterinarian as soon as possible to find out what is causing this behaviour change.

Healthy vs Unhealthy Cat Poop: What to Look For

Poop in good health has a Tootsie Roll form and is flexible (like modelling clay: not too delicate, nor too challenging). This is considered the gold standard for faeces: your cat usually passes Stools. Healthful faeces are dark brown but not black since black faeces might indicate the presence of blood in the stool. Furthermore, if the poop is too mild, it may also mean a more significant disease like liver illness since it might indicate that the bile duct is completely blocked, explains Pet Wave.

Constipation is thought to cause little, hard stool balls; thus, they are treated as abnormal and harmful. Global Cat Care is a significant problem for cats since it might indicate complicated health difficulties, such as neurological or metabolic conditions or a colon blockage that can be dangerous for cats. In addition, this might be a sign of dehydration if your cat is having constipation problems, says Wag! If your cat defecates tiny, hard balls of faeces, you must call your veterinarian immediately.

Diarrhoea in cats may cause by bacterial infections, intestinal parasites, or sensitivity to diet. If you are not careful, watery stool might appear like pee. Never scoop without looking at it closely or using disposable gloves to feel it. Caution advises while handling unusual cat excrement. According to the Cornell tom cat health centre, your cat may develop diarrhoea for a day or two following a food exchange or a stressful car journey Dr Richard Goldstein of Cornell advises taking your cat to the vet if this sort of excrement continues for days or is accompanied by “poor appetite, lethargy, or vomiting.” The safe side is superior.

Why Is My Cat’s Poop Green?

Keep an eye on your cat’s stool for signs of Small intestinal diarrhoea, which is common in cats and may involve that food has not been correctly processed. Additionally, your cat may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, weight loss, or flatulence.

The most challenging aspect of evaluating your cat’s waste is that your cat may decide to relieve itself outside while doing your inspection. Therefore, examine your cat’s anus area for signs of diarrhoea, such as farces, and keep track of how frequently it goes outdoors.

If your cat exhibits any of these signs, you should take them to the doctor so that they may diagnose the source of the infection and given the appropriate treatment. In many cases, a proper diet will help alleviate many gut problems; therefore, it is best to visit your veterinarian for advice.

Is Green Cat Poop Normal?

Cat excrement from an inexperienced cat is uncommon, but it is not necessarily a problem in most circumstances. For example, if your cat gives an excessive amount of greens, resulting in green poop, his faeces may become green as well. Your cat’s faeces needs to return to normal fast if you feed it a well-balanced diet.

However, if your cat shows symptoms such as loose stools, tiredness, and dehydration, it might develop diarrhoea, which can be a severe condition. You can tell if your cat suffers from diarrhoea if it starts pooping in the home and the stools are unformed and liquid.

Detecting diarrhoea in a cat may be difficult if the cat continues to defecate in the cat box and conceals its faeces. In addition, changes in a person’s diet may lead to changes in their stool. If your cat regularly defecates in a semi-liquid or liquid form, you should see your veterinarian. If your cat is displaying any indications of infection, do not hesitate to call your vet.

What Does Normal Cat Poop Look Like?

The standard colour of a cat’s faeces is dark brown; however, it may be lighter or darker depending on the diet. Due to nutrition and body chemistry variations, the colour, length, and consistency of a cat’s faeces will no longer be uniform across the board. Cat faeces does have a few characteristics that are common across the board. It is common for cat faeces to be dark brown; however, it might be lighter or darker depending on the cat’s weight reduction program

Diets high in fibre have resulted in lighter-coloured stools in certain people. Even if the faeces are very mild, it may indicate liver infection. Like Tootsie Rolls, cat poops should be firm—not too liquid or complex—and cylindrical log form.

However, even though your cat’s poop should not have an overwhelming odour, significantly when it varies from the public at large of its stool, its smell should not be overwhelming. You should not get concerned if you have not seen any poop in the mess box in a while since cats generally only defecate once an afternoon.

Go to the vet if your cat has not pooped for two days. Your cat’s normal behaviour is the most important thing to watch. You should be on the lookout for any changes to your cat’s stool that are not typical. To keep an eye in your cat’s routine for any changes, learn what they consider “usual.”

Cat Pooping Outside the Litter Box

If a cat is ill, they may stop using the litter box, even if they have been using it properly. Discontentment with the placement of your cat’s bathroom might also be a symptom that they cannot use it. If you have already brought home a child or another puppy, your cat may express its distress by leaving you a smelly wonder. 

According to Dr Sophia Yin, separation anxiety may drive cats to defecate all over the home. Because of his disillusionment, your cat may find it challenging to go to the restroom on time. The way the kitten runs in and out of the jumble container is usually enough to tell whether he dislikes the container. ‘What’s with all the urgency? It is possible that your cat is not a fan of the litter’s scent or texture. For many cats, litter liners are anathema. 

By relying on them, you may be making things that are more difficult for your tomcat. Cats that jump over the edge of a field may be attempting to inform you that they have outgrown their surroundings. It is possible to acquire an even larger box or one with a lid.

Faeces may appear in unexpected places in cats that have medical issues. It is more likely they will not reach the trash field. If they are not feeling well, they will also be attempting to tell you that the presence of irregular faeces is commonly linked to anal gland dysfunction and parasite infestation. However, the issue may be more severe than first thought. Muddle field issues may need a trip to the vet for your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the colour of cat poop mean?

Normal stool is a medium brown in hue to avoid the possibility of blood in the faeces. However, according to Pet Wave, poop is too light might be a symptom of a more severe problem, such as liver illness, since the bile duct could be blocked.

What causes green poop in kittens?

Bacteria caused greenish the infection. The patient needs medical assistance. Gray Inadequate probiotics or bile; overfeeding and malnutrition Reduce your meal intake or frequency; supplement with probiotics to help your digestive system function better.

Does green poop mean infection?

The presence of green stools is nearly usually benign, although it may indicate illness in rare circumstances. Your doctor can assist you in determining the underlying reason. Green faeces is a widespread issue in the animal kingdom. While many individuals anticipate their excrement to be brown, the stool is available in various sizes and hues.

How does a typical cat poop smell?

Expect a smoky aroma. However, it should not have an unpleasant odour. There is no standard ” smell when it comes to cat excrement; there is no common “smell.” Several things might influence a cat’s personality. Check for any changes as a general guideline. It is typically worth paying attention to if it smells different from usual. The issue might be in your cat’s intestines.

How to collect cat stool samples?

The veterinarian will ask for a stool sample at each yearly appointment so that the lab may do tests on the excrement. Your veterinarian’s clinic should provide you with plastic containers for collecting samples. It is also possible to get a container from a pet supply shop or the workplace ahead of time.

As a reminder, please do not remove your reward from the litter box until the day before you bring it to the vet. Keep your pet’s excrement cool by placing it in an approved plastic sample container and writing it down when you scooped it up so that the veterinarian’s office has accurate records.

Final Thought:

A cat’s excrement look might provide a glimpse into their general health in several ways. Call your nearest area veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about Why My Cat Poop Is Green.

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